Thursday, May 28, 2015

When In Danang: Part Seven

When in Danang, spend an afternoon wandering in Hoian.

Take the beach road south out of Danang, and cruise south along the South China Sea for a half hour or so. 

You'll be hot, sweaty and hungry, and just as you roll into town, you'll be ready for lunch. Hoi An is a tourist town, chock full of Westerners on holiday, and the options are many. 

^ May I recommend the Dingo Diner? The shop is full of Aussies and hearty Western fare. You will leave with your strength restored. 

Now off to the village proper, with its welcoming walkways, hawk-eyed shopkeepers and never-ending supply of yellow buildings under the blazing blue sky. 

If you're like me, you'll need to stop for water every fifteen minutes. 

^ No exaggeration. The heat was insane. 

^ But wander on you must, because there are endless streets to explore and countless sights to see. 

^ And of course, you might even shop. 

I bought this coconut bowl. I pondered the purchase for literally a full year - the little darling caught my eye on last year's trip - and I finally pulled the trigger. Only after I parted with my 50,000 VND did I realize that I had obsessed for one year over a bowl that cost less than one dollar. 

I had to laugh at myself over that one. 

Soon enough, the grinding heat and overwhelming charm of Hoi An will wear you out. 

Wearily but with warm regard, you will say your farewells and head back toward the motorbikes. 

^ But never fear. There's always time for one last photo. 

When in Danang, spend an afternoon wandering in Hoian. 

* * * * *

Here are my other top ten tips for getting to know the sweet little city of Danang, Vietnam:

                    One | Ride across the bridges
                    Two | Hang out in coffee shops
                    Three | Play at the beach
                    Four | Stroll along the river after dark
                    Five | Fuel your creativity
                    Six | Go see the sunrise
                    Eight | Play with babies
                    Nine | Get your nails done

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