Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When In Danang: Part Five

When in Danang, fuel your creativity.

There are some insanely imaginative souls in this city. Whether the ideas are born from living in small spaces, making the most of a hard-earned dong, or the simply the desire to embrace innovation, I find cleverness in every corner. 

Case in point: we popped into this restaurant to share a pair of post-beach cheeseburgers. Delicious as they were, I found myself drooling over this amazing herringbone wall. The wood is nothing more than raw lumber stripped directly from pallets and nailed to the wall. 

I am obsessed. I want to build this in my house right now. 

And while the wine storage wall, ceiling structure, and green bottle arrangement are less applicable to my home, I take from them an inspiration to look at all things in my life - tangible and intangible - with a fresh eye and imagine what else they might become. 

As much as I'm enjoying my time here, these energizing moments fill me with ideas that I can't wait to act upon when I get back home. 

When in Danang, fuel your creativity. 

* * * * *

Here are my other top ten tips for getting to know the sweet little city of Danang, Vietnam:

                    One | Ride across the bridges
                    Two | Hang out in coffee shops
                    Three | Play at the beach
                    Four | Stroll along the river after dark
                    Six | Go see the sunrise
                    Seven | Spend an afternoon wandering in Hoian
                    Eight | Play with babies
                    Nine | Get your nails done

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