Saturday, April 4, 2015


Taken from my car at the intersection of Mukilteo Speedway and Bev-Ed Road. 
No, Officer, of course I wasn'tt driving at the time. 

Sometimes, when the wolves of this world have locked their jaws around me, and shake me so hard that I don't know what to do, I look up.

Living here in the Pacific Northwest, that usually means I see the tops of tall trees and our ubiquitous marine layer of low-lying clouds.

But also, since Boeing's final assembly plant is in the neighborhood, I almost always see planes.

Huge planes.
The biggest planes known to mankind.
Circling over our streets and homes.
Low in the sky.
Just after take-off and right before they land.

And when, in my hopelessness. I notice one of those technological wonders, I remind myself of what they represent.

A dream.
A journey.
A series of frustrations and set-backs.
A lot of hard work.
A miracle.

Somehow, those planes give me strength to keep going.

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