Tuesday, April 7, 2015

But I Will Never Knit Them Into Thneeds

Each week,  I water my air plants.

( Yes, you're right. That statement does sound entirely oxymoronic. But it's true. Air plants need a weekly soak or spritzing, and I like to give mine a long, luxurious bath.)

And when I pick them up, I hold the ethereal lightness of each one in my fingertips and marvel at their:

mysteriously muted shades of green and grey,
geometrically precise stems,
impossibly delicate tendrils,

and totally wacky, utterly unique personalities.

And I find myself wondering, which is the bigger miracle - that God put such a fascinating creation into my hand, or that Dr Seuss conjured their likeness into the colorful tufts of his Truffula Trees.

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