Friday, March 27, 2015

Not In My Back Yard

Like any gardener with enough dirt under her fingernails to be worthy of the title, I deeply loathe dandelions. 

Oh sure, they were cute when I was a kid. Flower crowns and bouquets for Mom and mean little games of "Who likes butter?" And then there's the magical moment when you blow on the dried flower head and poof! The tiny parachutes launch themselves and spread their seeds far and wide. 

But now I despise dandelions. Tenacious devils that spread with wild abandon through my gardens and lawn, putting down tap roots that require major excavation. Yet no matter how diligently I pull them out, they pop back up with maddening exuberance. 

I cringe at the very sight of dandelions. 

Unless they are growing in a place that is not my yard. 

I must say that as Ranger and I encounter the first spring blossoms of the common weed along the route of our daily walk, I can appreciate the sunny clusters of bright blossoms. 

And let's be honest. Their golden tones are a perfect foil for my boy's luxurious auburn fur. 

So, dandelions, I guess you're not completely horrible...just as long as you're not in my back yard. 

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