Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Field Of Daffodils

Spring has officially arrived in Washington. 

How do I know?

Because the Skagit Valley has burst into bloom.

The world-famous tulip crop is still in buds, and awaiting a few more days of sunshine before it explodes in magnificent color. But the daffodils are happily setting the stage.

^ While the commonplace bright yellow daffodils pose an undeniable charm, I have always been partial to their paler sisters. These beauties, with their creamy petals and delicate yellow cups, are my absolute favorite and I was beside myself when we stumbled onto this field full of heaven.

^ The afternoon sun illuminates their fanciful faces and plays up every graceful fold and fluttery petal. I snapped many, many photos like this one. 

 ^ My daughters and I wandered contentedly through the field, mesmerized not only by the flowers but the soft breeze, calls of birds, and warm sunshine on our pale winter skin.

^ Flowers reflected in the muddy puddles make special springtime magic.

^ Though the mud between the rows made for treacherous footing, I can think of few finer springtime pastimes that strolling through a field of daffodils. 

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