Thursday, December 25, 2014

Paper Snowflakes

I love to decorate for Christmas.

But I prefer to do it very slowly. 

The halls of most American yuletide-loving homes are fully decked by the close of Thanksgiving weekend, but that's when I'm just beginning my process. Armed with bits of paper, tree branches, fishing line, assorted garlands, and twinkle lights, I expect to spread the job out over the next few weeks.

Here, in day-to-day installments, is the story of how my house is getting ready for Christmas.

* * * * * 

From the most humble of materials - plain printer paper and a pair of child-size scissors - a mystery of pure, delicate shapes are delivered into my hands.

Strung onto fishing line, these tiny wonders give birth to a dazzling display of light and beauty that explodes across the heavens of my living room.

When I look up at them, I hear the joy of the universe singing in my soul, and despite all the dangers and uncertainties of this mortal life we share, I am not afraid.

Glory to God in the highest.
Peace on earth; goodwill toward men.

And that's why I love paper snowflakes.


  1. I couldn't have said it better! <3


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