Monday, December 29, 2014

Cabin Fever

Let's be honest. I've been hanging out at home an awful lot lately.

Between decorating for Christmas, preparing for my two runaway daughters to come home, and setting up for my annual party, I've had plenty to keep me preoccupied.

Which isn't a bad thing.

But enough with the yoga pants, Netflix and cleaning projects.

I am definitely hungry for some new adventures.

So the other day, while running an errand in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, I couldn't help but notice the good ol' Space Needle, and serendipitously decided to chase that fellow down.

With two of my daughters in tow, we roamed uphill and down, criss-crossing through side streets to seek out the perfect vantage point. 

And while we were at it, we got some decent shots of Elliot Bay and the late afternoon sun burning through the dramatically billowing clouds to the west. 

Mmm mmm. Lovely.

And in the few minutes that we devoted to this little escapade, I fell in love again.

With my city.
With the exhilaration of an unplanned exploration.
With the sweet satisfaction that comes from stumbling across true beauty.
With a camera roll full of new snaps of interesting sights.

Come at me, 2015. I'm ready to adventure with you.

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