Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Perfect Start

When I showed up at my mother's door, bleary eyed from an eleven-hour cross-country trip and keyed up with anxiety over what state she might be in, I was in for a shock. 

My dementia-addled mother greeted me with a cherry hello and informed me that a fresh batch of lemon poppy seed muffins was due out of the oven any minute. In the meantime, she suggested, why not sit down and enjoy a glass of cool water? 

Wow. Very thoughtful, Mom. 

As I opened the cupboard to help myself to a glass, my eyes fell upon a pretty sight. There on the counter stood the bright red serving bowl I had given her for her recent birthday. And with her characteristic style, Mom had filled it with a pleasing array of fruit. Two apples, two oranges and three bananas - artfully displayed and bursting with color. 

Even though I am a realist about my mom's dementia, and I knew we were facing some big challenges during this trip, I have to say that I was knocked off my feet by her welcome. 

My visit was off to a perfect start. 

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