Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sunset Chasers: Virtual Surprise

I flipped open my camera roll last night to discover this pretty little picture at the top of the heap. Instantly, I recognized the view from my backyard of a late summer sunset, complete with the familiar tree line and even the triangular corner of my second story roof.

Normally, finding a photo like this wouldn't be much of a surprise. I take a lot of pictures of sunsets.

But this time, I was shocked. Because I am 100% certain that I never took this photo.

Trust me, I would remember those puffy dollops of white, the strong silhouette of black, the subtle orange glow at the horizon. My eyes had never beheld this glory in real life,

Best I can figure is that while I was busy in the kitchen that evening, my sunset-chasing second-born noticed this beautiful scene and, without a word to me, grabbed my camera and captured it just for me.

And that is both a thoughtful gesture and a lovely surprise indeed.

* * * * *

Sunset chaser: A traveler who spies a gorgeous display on the evening horizon, and, throwing all other thoughts aside, pursues a prime viewing location from which to photograph the sky. 

I am a sunset chaser and here are just a few of the stories of my adventures:

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