Monday, June 23, 2014

Friends Forever

The first time I stood beneath these behemoths, the twin Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, I was a newcomer to this side of the planet. Awestruck and culture-shocked, I was entirely dependent on my Malaysian host and entourage to keep me safe. 

Such a noob. 

Over the course of that first visit, I found myself in the shadow of the towers countless times. I got familiar with the nearby mall and park: I learned to navigate public transportation so I could come and go independently, I became quite comfortable bouncing here and there around the city by myself, using the Petronas icons as my Ground Zero and North Star. 

So on the third day is my second visit to Malaysia, when I found myself reunited with the skyscrapers, the circumstances and emotions were interestingly reversed. 

I came by myself, comfortable to spend an afternoon here while my host was occupied. 

I experienced a rush of fond memories and happy hours spent here in the past. 

I was confident and certain that I could handle myself here in the heart of bustling KL. 

I felt very much at home. 

So, Petronas Towers, you are no longer intimidating symbols of a foreign land to me. You are securely woven into the fabric my life's story, and i know we will be friends forever.

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