Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco De Mayo + 1

¡Hola mis amigos! Due to crazy work schedules and a poor showing for dinner on May 5, I postponed my Cinco de Mayo fiesta dinner for today, the sixth of May.

¡Ay, caramba! A chica's gotta do what a chica's gotta do.

And while our celebration was nothing extravagant, we enjoyed our meal con mucho gusto.

Taco shells, refried beans, mole sauce, salsa, green onions, seasoned ground beef,

corn, black beans, 

seasoned steak, grilled red peppers and mushrooms, cheddar cheese,

and a big bed of mixed greens, topped with green chiles, for the no-carb kid. 

I wouldn't have minded downing a few of these insanely stuffed tacos. 

But you know, when the salad ends up looking like this, I don't mind my no-carb lifestyle a bit. 

So three cheers to our scrappy neighbors to the south, whose ragtag band of brothers managed to defeat the vastly superior French invaders in a small victory on the fifth of May, 1862. Though not a significant military turning point, this win brought pride and a big morale boost to the Mexican army and to the Mexican people during a dark time in their history. 

And it just goes to show what can happen when feisty, determined people take up a shared cause. 

We celebrate these Mexican beacons of hope and positive thinking with our tacos and cervezas frias. Vaya con Dios, neighbors, and please pass the salsa!

* * * * *

Let's be honest. Holidays are all about the food. Read here for more stories about what I serve on special days.

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