Friday, May 23, 2014

Beach Dreams

I came here to Danang, Vietnam for several important reasons: 

1. To visit my third-born who's been living here fir the past year. 

2. To experience the Vietnamese culture. 

3. To wander the world on a global adventure. 

But it simply cannot be denied that I also came here to Danang in search of tropical beaches. 

I have a well-documented obsession with beaches of all flavors. In fact, as long as they are clean and natural, I've never met a beach I did t like. On this trip, however, my heart was hoping for soft golden sand, clear warm water, rustling palm trees, and as a bonus, tiki huts.   

Score, score, score and score.

For the past two afternoons, I've luxuriated here at Temple on the shores of the South China Sea. I'm hoping to spend many more happy hours here during my stay, making all my beachy dreams come true. 

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