Monday, December 30, 2013

To All The Single Ladies

Matchmaking is a lost art in western culture. Not sure when the world decided that inexperienced, hormonally crazed youngsters were best suited to picking out their own life partners without any guidance from those who have been around the block a few times, but our society definitely prefers a laissez-faire approach.

Still, when I see an eligible person of marrying age who would undoubtedly make a fine catch, my radar beeps like all get out and I can't help but want to share the word.

Enter my twenty-something friend, Chris, and his birthday gift to me.

^  The moment he handed over this package, I was intrigued. Check out that gift wrap - it's like a French bicycle advertisement printed on fabulously textured paper. Certainly this is not plain old pedestrian gift wrap from a cardboard tube; this looks more like a poster or interesting bag from some chic little shop that was repurposed as wrapping paper.


^ Feast your eyes on the precision of this wrap job. Honestly, those corners are perfectly folded, symmetrically identical, and creased to high heaven. The end of the paper is not only neat, even and taped with satisfying thoroughness, but it is also folded under. 

Whoa. This is remarkable.

^  The other end of the package is just as neat. Maybe even more so.

I am talking about origami master perfection.

^ And look at this. Here's the main edge of the paper, along the length of the back side of the gift. Not only is the seam tastefully positioned on the far edge, to keep the print images flowing smoothly over the back side, but that line is straight as a whistle.

Also folded under.

Am I dreaming? 

^ Free of any frilly ribbons, gift tags or other unnecessary accoutrements, the final pièce de résistance is my name. Printed in tiny, precise, blue-inked letters, and positioned subtly near the main image on the front of the package, this minimalist identifier perfectly suits the artistic vibe of the package.

I am so smitten with this wrapped gift that I don't want to open it yet. I'm just savoring the thoughtfulness and intentionality of Chris's handiwork for a few more days before I rip it open to see what might be waiting inside.

{Do you want to know what was inside this beautiful gift? Go here for the full story.} 

* * * * *

And I have to say, single ladies of the world, take note. Sculpted jaw lines, pumped deltoids, heart-stopping grins and perfectly tousled hair are all well and good.

But a man who can perfectly wrap a stylish gift? Now that is someone worth noticing.

* * * * *

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