Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Complicated

My bad. 

After all yesterday's talk about the 2013 Ornament of the Year, I realized that last year's model had been utterly and completely forgotten.

Locked down.

So today, in an attempt to rectify my blatant and undeserved neglect, allow me to present the 2012 Ornament of the Year.

Handsome rascals, aren't they?

This ornament sprang forth from the aisles of Target, the birthplace of many a creative inspiration, and most specifically from these adorable ornaments in their many tones of silver:


I loved them from the moment I laid eyes upon them, but what to do with such a fleet of mini baubles?

Three words sprang to mind.


And thus an ornament vision was born.

Implementation seemed obvious.

1. Buy acrylic paint in neon colors.
2. Paint.
3. Let dry.

Step 1 was as easy as pie. I swooped up three eye-popping shades with no problems whatsoever.

However, after a trial run of Steps 2 and 3, I realized there were some kinks in the process.

How to paint? Do I dip them in a cup of paint, or use a brush to apply the paint? If I use a brush, do I attempt to use masking tape to create a crisp line or try my luck with free-handing?

Arranging the baubles to dry without mussing their wet paint also presented some challenges. If the bottom halves came into contact with any surface whatsoever, the paint job would be affected.



I resolved my problems thusly:

Free-hand painting was the best way to go. I put about four coats of color on each bauble before I was satisified with the lush color and relatively straight line of paint, and let me tell you, that took a lot of time.

To improvise drying racks, I balanced metal shish kebab skewers on top of drinking glasses. You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention. Every once in a while, I would inadvertently knock the skewers awry and the whole fragile system would come tumbling down, inflicting dings and dents on the wet paint. Which necessitated yet another round of touch-ups with my paintbrush.

Yeah. I did not see all of these complications coming when the lights of glory shone down on me in the aisles of Target. But you know, it all worked out in the end.

The finished products turned out pretty well. 


As you can see, I took plenty of photos during the process, but somehow didn't get around to sharing them until tonight. 

Yeah. I didn't see that complication coming either. 

 But at long last, the 2012 Ornament of the Year has its moment of glory, and all I can say about that is, better late than never.

* * * * *

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