Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chandelier Obsession

Let's be honest. For the past 24 hours, I have been obsessed with one thought:

I want a chandelier in my closet.


^ Yes. Give me a fussy, frilly, fantastically ornate jeweled light fixture, like one of these, and I will be set for life. 

I know. I think I should take my temperature.

This is not like me. I'm not the girly, glitzy type one ordinarily associates with closet chandeliers.When I told my daughters about this neurotic preoccupation, they looked into my eyes and said, Mom? Is it you?

No, this is not like me at all.

But given my fixation with a jeweled beacon, why am I making such a big deal? I mean, for crying out loud, just go buy one, right?

Not that easy. My closet ceiling is a tich low, and the door swings directly underneath the light fixture, so I've got a mere twelve inches of vertical space to work with.


^ What I've learned today is that a twelve-inches-or-less chandelier is a bit of a rarity. Originally I had my heart set on this IKEA dude but when I laid my hands on him in the store, I realized he is a hulking beast. Ain't gonna fit no how, no way.

So I came home and hopped on the internet, scrolling endlessly through Pinterest search results and, hoping to find a tiny little pearl to light up my world.

The pickings are slim, my friends.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will undoubtedly need to DIY this. That's fine.

But given my teeny tiny space, I may have to settle for a fairly compact size. No cascading streams of gems, no glittering tear drops, no fancy iron filigrees.

Sigh. I'm making my peace with that reality.

Still, there are plenty of sparkly inspirations to be found, and I might even be happy with a more sleek, modern take:



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My next step is find a mini pendant kit that will fit into my space. Once I get the functional bits worked out, I can move on to the tantalizing task of bedazzling that puppy. 

Or covering it with neon string, embroidery hoops, strips of Swiss cheese brass, or an upside down IKEA fruit bowl, as the case may be. Which, you know, wouldn't be all bad. These streamlined, geometric types are really much more of my signature style.

But just this once, I want to hold out for the jewels.

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