Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roughing It

My dog, Ranger, is no stranger to comfort. 

Now, I try really hard not to spoil him. He is a pet, not a surrogate child, and therefore I do my best to hold him to a doggy lifestyle:

No human food. 
No heaps of store-bought toys. 
No fancy designer collars or leashes.
And definitely no dog clothes. 

But when it comes to letting the ginger-coated gentleman climb up on my bed for a comfy snooze, I'm a total sucker. During the night, when sharing this space with humans, he intuitively understands that he belongs curled at the end of the bed. But as soon as I get up, he immediately claims the prime territory. Stretching out like an Irish prince, he works the pillows and comforters to his prime advantage and luxuriates in high style.

I have to admit that I think he's adorable. 

But maybe a tiny bit spoiled too.

Thankfully, Ranger is not a complete hedonist. When need be, this happy camper is perfectly content to lie among the sticks and stones, and catch a nap on the cold, wet, mossy ground.

Most of the time, he lives the life of Riley, but my dog still knows how to rough it. 

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