Monday, October 14, 2013

Dirty Jobs

"Getting dirty is a hallmark of hard work and it's a hallmark of fun, and dirt is not the enemy." 
-Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

For the past three weeks, I have been doing a lot of dirty jobs. In the name of remodeling my home office, I've run around in old white v-neck tees and a pair of paint-splattered yoga pants; washed paint, stain and sawdust out of my hair; carried endless piles of stuff here and there. I've sanded, de-glossed, stained, varnished, painted, trimmed out, and spackled for at least an hour or two every day. I've cleaned 10,000 paintbrushes, swept up enough sawdust to reenact the Dust Bowl, protected my eyes, nose and skin from harm, and rinsed and emptied at least a dozen buckets of dirty water. 

Yep, it's been a dirty three weeks. 

But sing hallelujah and pass the mashed potatoes because all the hard work is finally done!

Here's an updated version of my to-do list, mixed in with some shots of the new room that is emerging from the chaos.

1. Decide on colorand inspiration pieces.

2. Empty out the room. 

3. Remove the crown molding, chair rail, baseboards and door; sand them down, then stain and re-finish them, and replace.

4. Clean, stain and re-finish the wood around the windows and door frame that cannot be removed.

5. Paint the ceiling in Bleached Linen, to match the rest of the house.

6. Paint the walls a warm neutral - beige or grey.

7. Paint the inside of the door and/or the bit of ceiling above the window a fun color. Maybe red? Still pondering this option - right now, I'm loving the crisp white and beige.

8. Decide on a furniture arrangement using the two existing work tables and inspiration end tables. Wish list: couch, desk lamps, reading light, cabinet or cupboard. Saving up for the couch.

9. Reconfigure all the ungodly wires and devices; find a way to get the tower, router, and printer off my work table.  Waiting for my IT guy to get on this task.

10. Re-finish the built-in bookcase.

11. Re-style the bookcase.

12. Hang art, collect accessories, consider a rug and window covering, style the room.

13. Celebrate!!

* * * * *

So yeah, there is just one dirty job waiting for me on this list - refinishing the door, which I am purposely saving till last. You were fun, all you dirty jobs, but I am not too sad to be done with you.

Which means that this week, I get to do all the artsy jobs! Making some paintings, arranging and rearranging my bookshelves, adding a few more houseplants - these are the steps that I have been dreaming of, during those long hours with an electric sander or paintbrush in my hand, and they are finally here. 

I'm as excited as a male gooey duck at spawning time... and as Mike will explain, that's pretty darn excited.

* * * * *

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