Monday, September 30, 2013

What About Polka Dots?

I have a well-documented, slightly obsessive fascination with polka dots.

A quick tour around my home this afternoon turned up ample evidence. 

Polka dot dishes.
Polka dot paintings.
Polka dot bedding.
Polka dot accessories.

Good heavens, I even have a polka dot cat.

Wait. No. He's got stripes, and that's an infatuation for another day.

But about those polka dots. I've been thinking. Why not some polka dotted walls in my newly painted home office?

^ Mmm. I am not immediately draw to the color gold, but I am a huge fan of these dots' random placement. And those two stools bring to mind my turquoise inspiration pieces. Hmm. Might be kismet.

^ My fresh, clean walls are now this tan color, more or less. Against that background, the white dots look so crisp and clean. I like.


^ But then again, I kinda like this offbeat blue-ish grey color. And the slightly off-kilter placement of the dots. And, let's be honest, that little cloud-shaped shadow box distracts me completely. Wanna make it right now.


^ Anal-retentive grid. I love its perfect order. 

No, I hate it! Too compulsive and fussy. 

Wait. Who am I kidding. There are plenty of days when I crave compulsive and fussy.

But this might be more structure than I want in my creative nest.

At the other end of the spectrum, whoopee! This scene is a handful of confetti at midnight, a burst of fireworks in the night sky, a fiery flurry of glitter that slid off a child's art project as it was lifted out of the car.

It's not quite the right look for my workspace. But I LOVE it.


^ And this sweet little scene was my original inspiration for polka dot walls. 

I am drawn to its simplicity, imperfect charm, and no-nonsense approach. And if I may be so bold as to play favorites, I think I love it best.

* * * * *

Well. I'm duly inspired. And I'm definitely for polka dot walls. Now only this question remains: what am I going to do about it?

* * * * *

Room makeover in progress! To catch up on the project, read:

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