Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Langkawi: Ode To A Waterfall

-Robert Frost

Lunch by the beach, by the ocean shore.
Full of laksa and fruit juice, but still wanting more.

Ready to venture inland and find
A fresh, clear waterfall, best of its kind.

My trip to Malaysia won't be complete
Till I visit a waterfall and refresh my feet.

Tropical Langkawi is lush and green
Waterfalls here are easily seen.

So off we four went, brave and bold
Determined to swim in a waterfall cold.

Deep in the jungle, our target we spied
But what's this? It seems that our waterfall's dried

Up in a drought. Its flow is a trickle.
If we tried to dive in, we'd be in a pickle.

No swimming for us. My friends gave up hope
Hiked back to the car to end this sick joke.

But I was content to linger a while.
This tiny fall still brought me a smile.

The rocks under water were cool and smooth
I waded on top of them without my shoes.

And while this waterfall may not have been the best
It was sufficient to put my splashy dreams to rest.

I'm glad for my visit. I'm happiest of all
To say that I've seen a Malaysian waterfall.

* * * * *

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