Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Walk In Damansara

On this quiet day in Damansara, while my current hosts are busy with other things, I decided to take myself on a walk to explore my surroundings. Here is my report:

^ Rather than exiting my friends' apartment via elevator, as I usually do, I took the stairs down from the third floor and found a lovely surprise. The downstairs neighbor has lined the stairway with sweet potted plants. The blooming orchids were especially adorable, and the whole arrangement reminded me of my Malaysian flower pots at home.

^ On the landing, puddles leftover from last night's rain reflected the mostly cloudy sky outside, and I was grateful for a slight reprieve from the sun.

^ This area, a trendy neighborhood to the west of Kuala Lumpur, seems to have a fascination with brightly colored buildings. I approve.

^ I found a 7-Eleven, one of my most useful cultural touchstones in this foreign land, and bought myself a snack. Then I looked for a good place to sit down and eat it. The benches by this fountain were perfect.

^ The fountain seemed to be the centerpiece of a stylish plaza, so after I ate, I explored around a bit. I loved the giant tree-like sculptures that line the walkway, and the curvy red awnings overhead.

^ Heading back toward the main street, I saw several new high rises under construction. The real estate market seems to be booming in Damansara.

^ And I couldn't resist a few more shots of those eye-catching buildings..

Next I decided to wander through the pasar raya, or supermarket. This was a big store in a chain I've seen before - Giant - and in this case, the name was apt. Built into the side of a hill, the hulking multistory complex loomed over the street below, held in place by these giant retaining walls. Pun intended.

^ Like most of the supermarkets I've visited here in Malaysia, this one is actually in a mall, surrounded by fast food restaurants, clothing stores, jewelers, and kiosks selling local snacks.The actual grocery store is located on the second floor, and these escalator-ramp thingies are designed to let shoppers move their carts...or trolleys, as we call them here...up and down between the floors. An ingenious solution.

^ I've listened to any number of debates about whether KL is a true First World city or just a big town in a developing nation, and I can see both sides of the issue. But come on. When I find a freezer full of various flavors of indulgently delicious Häagen-Dazs ice cream, that is a mighty strong indication of First World status.

^ Apples. So cute. They remind me of home, but they are actually from China. 

^ This is one of three rows in the bulk rice section of this store. 
One. Of. Three. 
Oh, Asia, you do not disappoint me. 

^ A close-up of the construction site, as seen from the pasar raya parking garage. 

^ A close-up of my feet on a wet red brick sidewalk, as seen from my face.

^ Oh, hello, pipe. Sure, you can cross over the sidewalk here. I'll just walk around you.

^ Sweet pink flowers, splashed with fresh rain. Yes, it was raining, and I was standing around taking pictures of the flowers. The workers in the nearby guard house stared at me unapologetically. Probably thought I was stark raving mad. Or maybe just white.

^ And as I finished up my long walk, I savored a rich and slightly melted chocolate bar. It was delicious, just like my Damansara adventure.

* * * * *

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  1. Delicious, indeed! Your walk in Damansara was delightful! Love vicariously adventuring with you, as seen through your face! :)


    1. Thank were with me in spirit, every step of the way. :)


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