Sunday, February 24, 2013

Musings About Mangoes

This morning, my eldest and I dropped by Whole Foods Market, in search of a healthy lunch.

As usual, I was met in the entry by a beautiful display of produce. This incredibly artistic explosion of fresh, ripe mangoes captivated me with its complementary colors of green and red, and the neatly piles rows of friendly oval shapes. I took several shots, and moved on with my shopping trip and the rest of my day.

A few hours later, my mind skipped back to this scene, and I opened my camera roll to take another look. Seeing the display through the confines of the image, I was hit with a completely different perception. 

What an incredibly bountiful world we live in. This is literally a mountain of mangoes, flown in from some distant subtropical region, and available to me at a very fair price.

I bet I could eat my weight in these mangoes, and it would barely make a dent in this pile.

If I gave one mango to each shopper as they walked in the door, I bet there are enough to keep my giveaway going for days on end.

I wonder if all of them will be sold before they start to go bad. 

If there are this many mangoes at one store, and there are easily ten more grocery stores in a five-mile radius, I would really like to see all of them piled together in one giant heap.

I would like to jump into the middle of this display and start eating my way out. 

Now that would be a very healthy lunch indeed.

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