Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Surprising Satisfaction

Today was not a glamorous day in my world. I put on one of my signature white v-neck work tees, grabbed my ladders and some razor blades, and went to work scraping the dried paint off my freshly painted windows.

I'll give you a minute to be jealous.

Go ahead, take your time.

Let me break the project down. See, in the top photo, the line of paint that runs along the glass, just under the painted woodwork? Notice how it careens along from the left side of the shot, but abruptly stops in mid-photo. Yeah. I did that. My razor blade and I put an end to that mess.

Once I worked myself around all four sides of each window, I turned my attention to the middle of the pane. Without fail, I found a splattering of dried paint drops on the glass, as shown in the second photo, most likely caused by an over-eager painter who loaded too much paint on the brush. Yeah. I probably did that too.

No matter. With my trusty blade, I removed each and every bit, and then washed the glass clean.

This was not an exciting job. It was not particularly creative or interesting; I believe it would be properly classified as mindless physical labor.

But gosh darn it, it sure was satisfying. Now, I can look out (some of) my freshly painted windows and see that twinkling clean glass. Yeah. I did that.


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