Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Decided to share a second cheeseburger with my daughter and she asked the order taker to cut it in half. He agreed and took our half-burgers up a notch by presenting them to us in little perfectly wrapped half-bundles. So cute and clever and In-N-Out-like. I'm never disappointed here!


  1. One can only be delighted at In-N-Out. There's one less than a mile from my apartment. Since I'm trying to lose all the weight I gained in the Valley, I've learned that for a bun less burger, you ask for a "protein burger" which
    is nicely wrapped in lettuce.
    Makes me want a milkshake-good thing they're not open for breakfast--JoAnne

  2. I am a fan of the protein burger...I just ate one! They are messy to hold but so yummy that I don't miss the bun. And we were just talking about the extraordinary customer service and all-around good feeling we get from every single visit. The In-N-Out people definitely know what's up.


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