Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Return Of The Queen

One of the worst parts of being away from home is missing my pets.

One of the best parts about coming home is welcoming each other. My dog and three cats all greeted me with abandon when I returned home in the wee hours of the night, and this morning they continue to be especially sweet and affectionate.

Ranger has not left my side since I walked in the door. Currently he is sleeping with his head under the bed. Faithful and true.

Sirius the tuxedo cat has been sitting on my pillow and watching me Instagram. Then he allowed me to rub his tummy for eight hours.

Tiger-striped Cedric is asleep on his throne aka the top bunk bed. When I went in to take his photo, he woke up, looked at me, yawned, and cranked up an ear-splitting purr.

Luna, the black shadow, is the only rebel. After giving me the hero's welcome last night, and few wet nose-to-nose kisses, he has gone outside to play.

Now that we are all back together again, we are ready for life to go on.

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