Monday, June 25, 2012

Ranger And The Strangers

This fine summer evening, after dinner, Ranger and I went for a walk. The air was snappy and fresh, the low sun was shining, and as usual, my dog was thrilled to be out and about. He trotted along, nose to the ground and tail ever wagging, in glorious pursuit of whatever it is he smells on these adventures.

Along the way, we encountered some strangers - a man, a woman, and their nice dog. I had never seen them before in my life, but we all stopped, as true dog lovers often do, to let the pups greet one another. As we made friendly small talk, I introduced Ranger by name.

"Oh, of course we know Ranger!" they replied to my utter astonishment. "We see him out walking with you all the time, and love the way he bounces and prances along. He is the happiest dog in Mukilteo!"

Well. Isn't that such a kind and lovely thing to say?

A lovely rose for a lovely day.

* * * * *

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