Saturday, February 4, 2012

Value from the Village

Last night, a little white vase popped into my head. I had seen it last time I was at Value Village, maybe a week ago, and had not given it a second thought...until now and suddenly I wanted it BADLY. So this afternoon, I made a quick stop to see if it was still there. Glorious day! It was patiently waiting for me and now it is mine.  

You can't really tell in this pic, but the top half of this vase is smooth and pearly
while the bottom half is more textured and rough. The contrast of the two finishes,
along with the sweet little round shape, is what I like.

Sitting right next to my round white friend was this tall, red, slightly retro-looking vase. He came home with me too.

Shiny clear red-red color and interesting shape.
Yes, I like you.

After finding the two vases, I was quite content to consider this outing a success. But as I was somewhat mechanically sweeping the other aisles, these little red cuties jumped out at me too. Oh gosh, I could not resist them.
Love them.
Used them tonight for our dessert of peanut M&Ms. 

As I was taking these pics of my latest finds, I also grabbed photos of a few of my previous thrifted scores to share. My thinking is that:

1. It's interesting for me to look at all my thrifting purchases to notice what I tend to buy,
2. It may be interesting to thrifters or wannabe-thrifters to see what's out there, or
3. I love taking pics. 

White Waechtersbach bowl with funky handle
that fits perfectly in your fingers. 
Ginger jar shape, textural floral design, originally from Target.
A Christmas gift from Daughter #3, scored at the Bremerton VV.
The wooden frame of this mirror was originally a brash yellowy gold;
I repainted it a more subdued shade and rubbed on some black acrylic paint
to highlight the details and add some character.
Another Christmas plate from Daughter #3;
I love how the center design is off center. Quirkiness.
I love old silver, especially when it has interesting but understated decoration
and a bit of stubborn tarnish. 
This mirror's frame is perfect just as I found it.
Love the beveled glass too.

Aww, this is my turquoise love.
Kinda love how the sunset was accidentally captured in the reflection.

Now that I'm home with my new things, I am totally in the mood to clean my house. Is that normal? What puts you in the mood to clean?

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