Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ten Reasons Why You Should Read This Blog

1. I like to tell stories. And everyone likes to read stories. It's part of the human condition. Just imagine that we are huddled together around an ancient campfire, gnawing on mastodon bones, and I will entertain you.

2. I write about my life and I do my best to be honest and real. No one likes a poser.

Baby me. 
3. I write about what interests me and because I'm interested in a lot of different things, my blog goes in a lot of different gears. You'll find stories about my road trips, outdoor adventures, thrifting finds, holiday festivitites, cooking projects, Kelantanese friends, artistic endeavors, and much more.

4. I love pics and post a lot of them. Great finds from around the internet, personal pics from my Android or preferably, a borrowed Nikon, or even photos that my friends generously allow me to share..every picture tells a story and that is why I love them.

5. I like to read blogs that are like scrapbooks, with a video here, an interesting link there, maps, music, cultural references and inside jokes all over the place. I do my best to build some of those elements of curiosity and surprise into my posts too.

6. This isn't just a girly blog. Yes, I like to write about some things that are typically of interest to women, like cooking and decorating. But there are plenty of other topics to interest men and I hope to make everyone feel welcome.

I grew up with three brothers so I understand a few things about the male mind.
For example, I know the difference between an M-80 and a cherry bomb.

And I also learned that when a man's gotta cry, sometimes it's best just to let him run away.
7. I post often. I personally prefer blogs that are written often enough so that they burble like a fountain, rather than trickle like a dried-up stream. I aspire to be splashy.

8. I'm opinionated and open-minded at the same time. You'll always get a specific point of view from me, but hopefully you will never feel that I am ramming my ideas down your throat. I'm open to other thoughts and perspectives, and I hope that comes across in my writing.

9. I'm not saying that it always works, but I'm ready and willing to say ridiculous things. You may be laughing with me, or you may be laughing at me; it's a fine line between the two. But I always enjoy the challenge of trying to write with humor, and getting it right.

10. The writing of this blog is taking me on an adventure of vague intentions and unknown outcomes. I don't want to go it alone, and I'm really hoping you will accompany me as we share this ride together. 

Now me.

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