Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miracle on 35th Street

At least once a week, I drive down Stone Way in Seattle. It's an interesting, busy street with lots of long traffic lights that give me plenty of time to gaze around at the crowded stores, condos and buildings. Ranging from urban hipster coffee shops to 1970s-ish light industrial venues (not to mention all the bicyclists streaming kamikaze missions down the hill), there are many interesting sights to see. 

Far and away, this building at 35th and Stone, almost at the bottom of the hill, is my very favorite. I'm not sure what's in there, although I know that there is a rear entrance to an indoor skate park. 

What goes on inside the main floor of this building? Why are there no signs? And who the heck painted this amazing color block exterior? Mysteries abound. 

But really, who cares. Just feast your eyes. 

{Scroll all the way down for a just-a-few-years-ago before pic. What a transformation!}


Google Maps
Are there any buildings in your world that have been miraculously transformed by color? By all means, link us!

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