Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Beauty's Where You Find It

 Beauty's where you find it." -Madonna

Look around, everywhere you turn is heartache

It's everywhere that you go

You try everything you can to escape

The pain of life that you know.

In a world that has had little to offer lately in terms of romance and aesthetic excitement, I don't think I've even realized how much I've been needing something new, something different, something beautiful, something to shake me out of this Covid funk that has drained so much of the radiance from our lives.

When all else fails and you long to be

Something better than you are today

I know a place where we can get away

It's called a dance floor and here's what it's for.

Madonna recommends the dance floor as a place to lift your spirits, and I'm not saying she's wrong, but my second-born has a different idea. Glossier - the beauty brand based on real life, as their About page reads - has just opened a new store in Seattle, and she suggests we go check it out. I normally buy my Glossier online but I've been to two of their pop-up locations, so I know I'm in for a treat. My adrenaline kicks in.

All you need is your own imagination

So use it, that's what it's for.

Go inside, for your finest inspiration

Your dreams will open the door.

The moment I step inside the Capitol Hill store, the sparks really fly. I'm suddenly intoxicated not only by the sleek spa vibe and minimalist displays of beautiful skin care and make-up products, with which shoppers are encouraged to play, but the entire space. Loaded with whimsy and bursting with charm, the interior features pink tiled archways, checkerboard floors, moss-covered boulders springing forth with space age wild-flowers and, of all the crazy Seattle-inspired things, gigantic fluorescent mushrooms.  I feel alive.

It makes no difference if you're black or white

If you're a boy or a girl

If the music's pumping, it will give you new life

You're a superstar, yes that's what you are.

Interestingly, beautifully, fluidly, Glossier embraces all skin tones, from the palest white to the richest coffee, and while the brand definitely skews female, I notice several male shoppers buying skin care as well as make-up supplies. This is much more than just a place to shop; I'm standing in a vibrantly alive and inclusive community, and I wish the whole world could feel like this.

Wanna see what I bought? 

body hero exfoliating bar | milky jelly cleanser | priming moisturize rich

balm dotcom in cherry | boy brow in blond

I dally around the tables, deliberate over my order, and then dreamily wander through the space, drinking in the details and delighting in the magical space that Glossier has made. 

This is where I find beauty.

* * * * *

Lyrics are from Vogue by Madonna.

* * * * *

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