Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Erin Go Bragh

Go ahead, 

gulp your green Guinness, 
sport those shamrock deely boppers, 
plant an Irish kiss on every bonnie lass you may see.

All suitable ways to celebrate Saint Paddy's Day.

But for me, the most delightful way to enjoy the wearin' o' the green is by spending the day with my dog.
Hello, I am Irish. Love me forever. 

My lovely Irish dog, Grace.

She is 

a regal queen of the Emerald Isle, 
a lass sweet as sunshine on a Midland meadow, 
and full - right up to her fluffy red ears - with the gift of blarney. 

Like my Irish Setters before her - Kelly, Casey, and Ranger - she embodies all that's good about Ireland, and sharing my life with her is like celebrating Saint Patrick's Day every single day. While I am quick to agree that there are many different kinds of wonderful dogs for other people to love, the Irish Setter will always be my favorite.

Erin Go Bragh, my sweet pups. 

Ireland Forever.

* * * * *

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