Sunday, February 16, 2020

Valentines For My House

For my money, Valentine's Day comes just when we need it most

The sparkle of Christmas holidays has faded into long, bleak weeks of grey, and our senses have become dulled to the monotony of heavy coats, waterproof shoes, and rain, rain, rain. 

By mid-February, I'm definitely feeling like something has got to give.

I take my first shot at heading off these doldrums by leaving my white and shiny holiday decor in place throughout winter. A few festive touches bring my house a joie de vivre that certainly boosts my spirits and keeps me in a holiday mood. 

Even so, by Valentine's Day, I'm ready for something more

Which is why I'm a big fan of Valentine decorations. 

Doesn't take much. Just a couple pops of red and pink, a few strings of hearts added to the mix, and I feel my blood starting to pump again. No need to spend any money - past years' paper creations give me all the satisfaction I need. 

Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about:

^ XO garland from maybe 2014, guarding the last half of the carrot cake under glass. 

Garland made from: 
+ gold spray paint on brown paper grocery bags,
+ shades of red and pink acrylic paint on printer paper
+ red and white baker's twine.

^ Another paper garland, this time using quilled hearts, and an origami ball made by my fourth-born whose fine-motor skills are off the chart. 

Garland made from:
+ printer paper, some white and some watercolored pink
+ pink embroidery floss

Origami made from:
+ colored printer paper

^ Everyone in the family makes some sort of Valentine creation for the others, and we use this family mailbox as our card delivery system. One year, my surprise was the small wooden boxes on top, which were designed to hold a sweet candy stash.

Mailboxes made from:
+ cardboard box that our kitchen light bulbs come in, with the top flaps cut off
+ kraft paper painted in white acrylic paint for mailbox liners
+ printer paper cut with scallops and hole punched for trim
See tutorial here.

Candy boxes made from:
+ wooden trinket boxes found at Michaels
+ heart tissue paper applied with Modpodge
+ sparkles, sequins, and glitter

^ Hearts on a string blend effortlessly with some lingering Christmas baubles and look like I planned them this way all along. 

Heart garland made from:
+ printer paper, some white and some watercolored pink 
+ pink embroidery floss
+ pink pompoms

^ And just to prove I'm not above grabbing a few things at the store, I wrapped the ends of this purchased garland around the maple tree branch / twinkle lights /paper star configuration that I rigged up for Christmas in my dining room window.

Garland made from:
+ a stroll down the Spritz aisle at Target

* * * * *

My Valentine decor is basic, for sure. Neither expensive nor elaborate, still, it's just what my spirit needs for a mid-winter pick-me-up. Giving my house a little extra love is well worth the effort, and my home sweet home will always be my Valentine. 

* * * * *

More sweet whisperings of Valentine love:

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