Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Cure For Curve Balls

One set of my white bowls is in the dishwasher, but even three stacks out of four are enough to make my heart sing. 

We all have days and weeks like this. Sometimes, months or even years.

When life throws curve balls on every pitch.
When complications mount up to overwhelm the day's plans.
When the ebbs and flows of daily life just don't go our way.

I've been a bit of a roll this week.

My mom's in the hospital.
My car needs new brakes.
My third-born required some emergency help from me with finances.
Several of my students are struggling with their lessons.
I'm still dealing with doctors' appointments.

And even Ranger is having medical drama. More tumors on his little red rump.

Only the daily essentials are allowed to sit out on the counter these days: 
salt, pepper, olive oil, and art.

I'm not too worried about any of this. These seasons of chaos have blown throw my world before, and I know that, in time, all will sort itself out and life will eventually calm down.

I have no doubt. 

In the meantime, I will admit that I am 

keyed up and jumpy.
stretched way too thin
and just plain stressed out.

However, all is not lost. I know exactly how to deal with these edgy and exhausting emotions.

I clean my kitchen.

I've been obsessed with keeping the top of my salt shaker free of any stray grains. 
I know. Super neurotic. But it beats biting my nails. 

Keeping up with the dishes.
Wiping down counters. 
Maintaining my winter minimalist mode.

These simple steps soothe my stressful soul and calm my jangled nerves.

And let's be honest. A tidy kitchen makes every day better. 

Even the crazy, complicated, curve ball days.

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