Tuesday, February 3, 2015



I'm still seeking my Zen mode over here. Working my way from room to room, I've been deep cleaning, decluttering, and restyling each space to be as simple and still as possible.

A couple weeks ago, I stripped my kitchen down to bare bones, which is totally working for me. But there's a chunk of counter space that has been maybe just a bit too bland, so the other day, I decided that I needed a little something to lean against the back splash and fill in that gap.

Without so much as a hint of a plan, I wandered out to the garage and began sorting through our odds and ends of painted canvases and empty frames, hoping for inspiration to strike. 

The gods of fortune smiled upon me.

Specifically, they did more than smile. Those lovely forces of beauty and truth slipped this simple study in black, white and grey into my hands, and I recognized my good fortune right away. 


A perfect complement to my minimalist mood, and a happy addition to my kitchen counter. 

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