Monday, January 12, 2015

When January Comes

When January arrives, and my giant cathedral of a Christmas tree comes down, the entire living room feels empty and barren. My heart suffers the same sense of poignant loss.

I have found, however, a little trick to get me through this bittersweet time.


A store-bought handful of the simplest blooms bring a fresh feeling of innocence and wonder to the space.

Oh sure, this particular bunch has begun to flop out of their vase rather ungainfully and could probably use a few friends to make a proper arrangement.

But I like them this way. Raw and unpretentious. they bring balance to the high pageantry of Christmas that soothes my overstimulated soul and brings me peace. 

And when January comes, that is a very good feeling indeed.


  1. I opted for 12th man flags & pennants to ease the transition :) but your tulips make my heart soar!

    1. If only we could find 12th Man tulips, we would have the best of both worlds!


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