Friday, January 30, 2015


Boy, life around Streicherville has been pretty rough lately. 

First, there was Christmas and the return of two prodigal daughters. So many special occasions and unexpected complications in daily life. That was disruptive.

Then, in an instant, the holidays ended and life returned to its normal routines. Okay, that was an adjustment.

Finally, disease struck. Again, the schedule went topsy turvy with a trip to the ER, various doctor visits, and then fell all to pieces last week in an unexpected three-day stay at the hospital.

All of these changes have been awfully tough on a certain member of the family.

And I don't mean me.

My poor Rangey has been walking an emotional tightrope.

You can see for yourself how anxious and agitated he's become.

Oh, if only there was some way to calm him down and encourage him to relax.

The truth is that Ranger is a man of strong habits, and he's not been too fond of all the changes we have endured in the past month. In fact, he's been as jumpy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. 

Or maybe as jumpy as a dog in a room full of rocking chairs and cats. I can't be sure.

But my point is this. Now that the dust has settled, and I am home again, none the worse for wear, and settling back in our familiar routines, Ranger is ecstatic. Add to that the fact that I've been logging big chunks of down time on the family room couch, as I nurse myself back to full health. Which means that finally, FINALLY, Ranger can allow himself drift off for a blissfully long and soul-deep nap, content in the knowledge that I will remain faithfully at his side.

Until the sun sinks low in the afternoon sky.

And then he will wake up, stretch luxuriously, look at me with that mischievous Irish sparkle in his eye, and demand that I take him for a walk

Yep, life is definitely back to normal for Ranger and me. 

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