Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Autumn Bucket List

Like it or not, Fall 2012 is officially begun, and it's time for me to quit whining and embrace this season. So I've developed a three-point plan for changing my attitude:

First, I dug out some old fall photos, and posted them here to remind me that sometimes autumn can be quite lovely. Alright, fine. The red leaves are nice, I can't deny it.

Then, I scrolled around in my Pinterest board entitled, "autumn is not my favorite but i'm trying to like it."  Lots of golden-y, orange-y things. Also, a big jack-o'-lantern eating a little jack-o'-lantern. My sense of humor may be returning.

Finally, I made my fall bucket list. I am always at my best when I am actually doing something, so an action plan is just what I need to stare down this season of my discontent, and get through it at top of my game.

As I explained when sharing my summer bucket list, I take my seasonal cues from a family of storybook bears. Here are their recommendations for fall fun; let's do this!

pick apples
go canoeing
rake leaves
build something
gather nuts
play football
watch the birds fly south
go to school
dress up for Halloween
feed the birds
carve a jack-'o-lantern
move things around in my house
chop wood
bring the houseplants back indoors
buy new clothes
pick pumpkins
cut down the flower stalks
wash windows
make an apple pie
get the car ready for winter


  1. Have a nice fall season. Some people call it autumn isn't it? Not sure why you feel bad about it, maybe it marks the end of your happy summer. In contrast with your feeling, I really enjoy September in Kuala Lumpur. The clouds are heavy and behind each of them tlies the clear sky, depending on the time of day it changes from blue to orange. It marks the beginning of monsoon and it stays like that until January -Amin

  2. Autumn is the more precise name for the season, but fall is commonly used as well. Hmm. In order to understand my feelings for the season, one must understand that summer in Seattle, is a glorious, sunny affair, with long warm days and short cool nights. Everything seems more alive in summer - the waters fill with sailboats, the gardens explode with color, and everyone comes outside and rejoices together in the beauty. Autumn marks the end of all that, and the return to damp, grey darkness that characterizes most of the year.

    I can imagine that autumn in KL is quite different. Your description of the clouds sounds beautiful and I hope to see it myself some day. :)


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