Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures Of My Dreams

The other night, I fell asleep as usual, with my phone tucked under my pillow.

Somehow, while I was sleeping, the camera was activated. Face down on my light blue sheets, this is the photo that was captured.

When I awoke, I discovered that this photo had somehow been uploaded to one of my editing apps, called 100 Cameras In 1.

{I know, I really ought to lock my phone at the end of the day, before I place an eight-hour phone call to Tokyo or transfer my entire bank balance to pay the electric bill.}

As I scrolled through 100 edited versions of my surprise photo, I was amazed their range and beauty.  I think these must be pictures of my dreams.

a child's shoes, swinging from the chair
where the thunderdome shook the earth
a gentle warmth in the dark of night
a glowing ember, lurking about
the sky wept in crimson waves
the smell of new fire
the sky was as blue as your eyes
all at once, the ghosts come back
the scars of the black forest
clouds of Jupiter
the holiday trip back home
we were too excited to finish eating
the moon was a different color that night
blue, your shirt and our mood
the morning smell of waffles
the clouds we shared that summer day
two birds talking in the morning

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