Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kindred Spirits Of The Deep

Let me tell you about my friend, Courtney. Yes, she is a Manor princess, and she writes a sweet little blog that you can find here. Incidentally, she is the first person who ever encouraged me to start my own blog. Thanks for that, Court.

What is vastly more important and cosmically significant about Courtney is that she is a lover of whales. Here's proof - her post today is all about those lovely mammals of the deep.

This means that Court and I are kindred spirits indeed, because I am passionate about whales myself. I've got a Pinterest board devoted to them. It's called My Alter Ego. Here are some highlights:

Five Whales Stacked by United Thread via Pinterest
Whale Stuffed Toy by Mervouw Walvis via Pinterest
Whale Bookshelf by Justin Southey via Pinterest

Whale Rubber Bath Mat by Urban Outfitter
via Apartment Therapy
Whale Bookends by Jonathan Adler via Apartment Therapy

Follow Me by Leah Duncan via Apartment Therapy

Moby Dick or The Great Whale by LieselJane via Apartment Therapy

Cute stuff, right?

Honestly, though, while these creations are lovely, I admire whales more than as an art form or an intriguing design motif. I love them as free, wild, intelligent and graceful beasts of the sea.

All whales are amazing but the ones that touch my heart most deeply are the humpbacks. Listen to this. Hear the voices and calls of humpback whales beneath the waves. You'll know what I mean.

Take in the glory of their leaping, cavorting cartwheeling ways. Doesn't it look like they are having so much fun?

Uploaded by User via Pinterest
Cynthia D'Vincent via Pinterest
DCI on Animal Planet via Pinterest
Alexander Safonov on Flickr via Pinterest
Someday, I hope to meet a humpback whale in real life. I want to see one with my own eyes, I want to truly encounter one of these beautiful creatures in a direct way. Heck, I wouldn't even mind shaking hands with her.

Barcroft Pacific via Pinterest
And when that moment happens, I know we will recognize each other as kindred spirits of the deep.


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