Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventure Day

What could be better than a plane trip?! I love everything about a travel day:

...the restless sleep the night before, as my subconscious worries about oversleeping.

...the adrenalin surge that hits me when I jolt myself awake and realize...it's today!

...the happy sound of suitcase and backpack zippers pulling shut after the last few things are tucked inside.

...that huge wave of relief that washes over you when you finally get to the airport, at the right gate at the right time, with all your belongings intact.

...the sense of excitement and anticipation that comes when you finally buckle into your seat and realize that the long wait is finally over and you are about to fly away.

That's where I am right now...settled into Seat 28E and ready for takeoff. All systems are go for my long-anticipated Adventure Day!

Want to read about the next step of my journey? You'll find that post here.

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