Thursday, July 25, 2019

Texas Rangers Vs Seattle Mariners

Mariners outscored the Rangers, 5-3, but on a perfect day at the ballpark, we were all winners. 

Some people think baseball is boring. 

I get that. 

Baseball is not a fast-paced, thrill-a-minute, rough-and-tumble sport like so many of the others. 

It's a game of nuance and patience.

Of secret signals between catcher and pitcher as they plan each pitch.
Of carefully calibrated rhythms and rituals as the batter prepares for each swing.

It's a game of split-second timing

As the batter has only a tiny fraction of a second to decide whether to swing at a pitch.
As the outfielders sprint, leap, dive in perfect harmony with the ball's trajectory.

It's a game of tension and uneasy waiting.

Will this be a home run, a pop fly, or another called strike?
Will the runner on second suddenly explode toward third in an attempt at a stolen base, or just lead off and tag back after the pitch?

And in its best moments, it's a game of surprise and great excitement

Like when Danny Santana tripled today only to be tagged out in a wild run-down play.
Like when Rougie Odor hoisted a three-run homer into the stands and challenged the Mariners' lead. 

So I don't take offense when people say baseball is boring. 

I just lean back in my seat under a blue sky on a perfect summer day, and smile. 

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