Monday, October 3, 2016

Seattle Skies

Everyone knows that the Pacific Northwest is a gloomy, atmospheric, cloud-filled kinda place.

And I won't argue that. It's true.

But here's the thing. All clouds are not created equal.

Most of the time, our little corner of heaven is buried under blankets of flat, low, consistently grey cloud cover.

We call it the marine layer and try to pretend it's cute.

And while that monotonous cover of mist does conjure up lovely opportunities to wear cozy sweaters, sip warm cider and curl up on the couch for delicious afternoon naps, it is not by any means an interesting or attractive feature of our landscape.

And that is why days like this are worth a hundred dollars.

While I was out walking with Ranger, dark clouds tumbled and scattered across the stormy sky. Swept this way and that by high winds, the shifting shapes set forth an ever changing pattern of color and light overhead. 

I felt just like I was turning and twisting inside of a blue-grey kaleidoscope.

As we turned onto the last leg of our route, these brooding beasts burst open.

We dashed for home

breathless from the sudden change in weather

and oh, so thankful to live in this beautiful place.

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