Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Am Not A Leaf

Autumn is upon us once again, and the scarlet leaves will soon be fluttering down.

So many times in my life this has happened. Summer gives way to fall, the seasons change, the leaves on the trees give way. And as I noticed these changes in the air yesterday, my first reaction, I'm sorry to say, was this.

I've seen this all before
And I'm not that impressed.

Then, in a snap, I realized that I was a fool.

True, this has all happened before. Leaves change color more or less the same way each year, and the ritual repeats itself in nature's unending cycles.

But here's what's different this fall:


Now granted, my personality has not completely transformed in the last twelve months. 

But I'm definitely not the exact same person I was last year, or the year before. And next year, God willing, I will most certainly be just a little bit different than I am today.

Mother Nature runs round and round in her predictable and pretty circles, but we humans grow on a greater trajectory. 

Every year, 
every season, 
even every day, 

life changes me and expands me and - if I'm keeping my head on straight - gives me endless opportunity to make myself more of who I want to be. 

And that is an idea that impresses me very much indeed. 

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