Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sweet Peace

There's no finer place for burning off a foul mood than a garden.My front yard provided quite the therapy session today, and I've got the bleeding rose bush wounds to prove it.

Sawing off tree limbs.
Yanking out weeds,
Pruning back unwelcome growth.
Digging out dandelions.
Hacking back spent flowers.

Seemed that everywhere I looked, I saw a tangled mess, and work to be done. Needless to say, I attacked with a vengeance, And when the sun finally slanted low on the great heaping mounds of green debris scattered willy-nilly across my yard and sidewalk, my mood was transformed.

With my newfound serenity, my eyes could now see the good in my garden, the sweet spots that were there all along, but I wasn't ready to see.

August means black-eyed Susans and I am always happy to welcome both.

Heart-shaped hosta leaves freshly splashed from my hose.

I'm a huge fan of bold color in the garden, but I've learned to appreciate the gentle nuances of texture and the many shades of green.

Pink and yellow flowers growing in a tangle will always make me smile.

As evening fell, I swept the sidewalks clean, coiled up my hose and put away the tools. 

Surely, there will be more days when I will be in a mood to thrash about in my garden.

But for today, I've once again found sweet peace.

I picked a quick bouquet of sweet peas on my way inside for dinner. 

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