Saturday, May 23, 2015

When In Danang: Part Two

When in Danang, hang out in coffee shops.

The entrepreneurs of this middle sized Vietnamese town have, strangely enough, perfected the art of the hipster cafe. Keeping the menu focused on the basics - coffee, tea, a few fruity blends, and a short sample of baked goods - the owners have poured out the balance of their creative energies toward interior design. 

If there was ever any doubt that Pinterest is a global phenomenon, let these shops demonstrate the truth. Every mid-century table leg, industrial-chic light fixture, vignette of vintage accessories and sweetly styled succulent screams post-millennial popularity, and as a fan of the same trends, I find endless delight in soaking up these details  

I've been to half a dozen different coffee shops here in Danag; this one, called Wonderlust, is no more or less charming than all the others. Focused on a crisp Scandinavian palette of blacks and whites, this upstairs lounge is a perfect haven of light, life and visual delight.

I don't drink the coffee or the tea, but I can say with certainty that the blended mango is a dream. 

When in Danang, hang out in the coffee shops. 

* * * * *

Here are my other top ten tips for getting to know the sweet little city of Danang, Vietnam:

                    One | Ride across the bridges
                    Three | Play at the beach
                    Four | Stroll along the river after dark
                    Five | Fuel your creativity
                    Six | Go see the sunrise
                    Seven | Spend an afternoon wandering in Hoian
                    Eight | Play with babies
                    Nine | Get your nails done

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