Friday, July 26, 2013

Ranger Wins Again

Oh, hey, Mom. Look at me, sitting in your garden. Don't I add a stylishly decorative touch?

Wait. What's that you say? I'm crushing your tender little plants? Okay fine, let me try my "gazing off into the distance" pose. My handsome profile will win your heart.

Still not convinced that I'm cute enough to get away with this?? 

Alright, fine. Prepare to adore me.

Because I'm going to chew on a stick. Yep. That's right. I haven't chewed a stick since I was a teeny tiny pup, just a few days after you adopted me. You thought I was so cute that you took a picture of me and have cherished it ever since. 

So, have you forgiven me for stomping into your garden and lying on top of your plants? 

Mmhmm, that's what I thought. 

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