Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kidnapped, Part 2

The second day of my kidnapping was just as lovely as the first. The day met us with that equatorial sun high overhead in a bright blue sky, and we were off for another round of adventures that went something like this.

Oh hay, sunny morning! Bet it's raining back home in Seattle.

This is Muahahaha's road. Yes, my talented friend is a structural engineer who designed this section of highway and also has the super power ability to stare directly into the sun without flinching. Clearly, I cannot.

Nasi kerabu! My first plate full of this Kelate specialty rice dish came at a shopping mall in Putrajaya. I'd always imagined that I would be introduced to these local dishes at some Kelantanese granny's kitchen table, but you know, this works too.

Dude, I ate budu. For years, I assumed that this fermented fish sauce would be chunky and sour, but the flavor was surprisingly delicate and mild. My cross-cultural assumptions were falling as fast as trees in the Amazon jungle. 

As you can see, I brought all of my natural posing abilities with me on my trip to Malaysia. Not.

British colonial architecture in Kuala Lumpur, across from Merdeka Park. If you're going to be a world-dominating, resource-exploiting, culture-crushing invasion force, the least you can do is build some cool buildings. Well played, Britannia. 

Now that's a photo booth.

No, I am not expecting a child. But I am hoping to capture a really great shot of Merey standing at this cool and oh so stripey intersection.

Aww. BFFs. 

Forget about all the tourist-y souvenirs for sale in this gift shop at the Kuala Lumpur museum. I could not take my eyes off those stunning windows.

 "That's it. I've had it with this wacko American who'd rather take pictures of the stone pillars instead of me. Let her walk home."

This is the National Monument, a sculpture to honor those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, particularly those who died during World War II. We arrived at the site just after closing time, so Merey and I hiked around the fence to see the front of the monument. We'll do anything for culture. 

Motorcycles outside the masjid at maghrib. Yes, I am learning to speak Muslim. 

Time to eat. I'm never sure if the eating sessions are supposed to represent distinct meals, or if the whole day is just one continuous food fest of different courses. 

Kelantanese desserts are traditionally taken before the main meal. No one told me that until after I'd stuffed myself with these sweet treats. Oops.

* * * * * 

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