Thursday, March 29, 2012

Precious Luna

Here is a great thing about pets. Like little kids, they do the funniest things...and with such tender innocence that sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry or hug them till they collapse. 

Today, for example, my fourth daughter and I were lying on my bed. She was wrapping up her most recent re-reading of the Hunger Game trilogy, I was huddled under the comforter in an attempt to warm up my hypothermia-plagued feet while I waited for her to finish so we could go watch The X-files.

As she was reading, my daughter shifted around so she was lying on her back. I heard her give a little laugh, and I lifted my eyes to see what might be making her laugh. This is what I saw:

Cute little Luna was perched up on the bookcase over the head of my bed, looking down at us, shifting his curious and completely adorable gaze from my face to my daughter's face and back again. Soon after, he jumped down, walked across the comforter, sat down on top of me, and allowed us both to pet him.

I wanted to squeeze him till he squeaked, sweet thing. But I just gave him my patented under-the-chin rub until he decided that he had had enough, and calmly strolled away. Precious Luna.

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