Thursday, February 23, 2012

All in a {Sick} Day's Work

Today was a sick day. I'm trying to be okay with my lack of productivity. Here's what I managed to accomplish:

From left to right and top to bottom:

I watched a few more episodes from the first season of The X-Files. Somehow I've missed this show until now and I'm kinda feeling the 90s vibe, especially with Dana's outfits. But they are like the worst FBI agents ever. Stop wandering around in the forests alone, people. And someone should really consider carrying a gun every now and then.

I ate these cute little English muffin pizzas that Tessa so kindly made for me. They tasted of deliciousness.

By mostly sitting around all day, I made Ranger very happy indeed. On normal days, he gets quite frustrated when I move around the house because he feels the need to stay alert to my movements and follow me from room to room. But when I sit still, he can fall fast asleep and dream to his heart's content.

In the spirit of cuddly togetherness, Sirius allowed himself to be wrapped up in a blanket and held like a baby. He loves these opportunities to display his showy white whiskers.

Green wobbly circles in a perfect grid. Once again, I felt appreciation and gratitude for my favorite comforter cover of all time. IKEA, you know what I like.

Taking advantage of the gloomy skies and intermittent showers, I took a hardcore afternoon nap. The kind where you wake up and you can barely think of your own name and you are not sure what time of day or even day of the week it might be. So intense.

The general state of cleanliness around here is starting to trend poorly. But I'm all over that family room coffee table, which I can straighten and tidy while still wrapped in my blankets. Just look at those neatly piled remotes and carefully stacked books. But don't you dare look at the rug underneath the table...there are seriously small twigs lying around. Thank you, Ranger's fur, for bringing me small treasures from the forest floor.

Candles make any day feel special. I'm glad I lit them.

Pink knit sweater booties with swinging pom-pom tassels, on loan from Tessa, kept my toes extra warm. And that is no small feat. Heh.

So maybe I didn't cross too many items off my regular To-Do list, but I'd like to think my day was not a total waste. Please don't burst my bubble.

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