Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Heidi Strikes Again!

Well, she's at it again. 

In our decade-long creative back-and-forth, my friend Heidi and I have been serving up to each other altered versions of our shared art, and today in the mail, I received her latest.

Okay, here's how this game is played. Without a plan or any rules or even a single spoken word, Heidi and I started with a simple photo of a table set for two, and began riffing off that, each of us tweaking the photo in one way before firing it back to the other, who tweaked the new photo again but this time in a different way, and then sent it back.

For Heidi's recent birthday, I'd made her a banner using that original image, seventeen changes later, and before I sent it off to her, I modeled it on my dining room wall and took this photo.

A close inspection of the banner reveals something of the layers of images we've piled one on top of the other to get this far. 

And if you're curious enough to want to see the full play-by-play of each step along the way, read this.

In this latest round, Heidi took my photo of the banner hanging in my dining room, edited it with a negative image filter, and built it into a thank-you card.

Voila! Another masterpiece, and now, once again, it's my turn to adapt this latest creation into something new. 

I accept your challenge, my friend. My brain is already swirling with ideas and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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